Institute of Control Systems (IRS)

Multisensor data fusion of complementary navigation systems

One core competence of the Institute of System Optimization is the development of optimal data fusion concepts for a wide range of navigation systems and applications.

The main focus is to profit from the individual strength of sub-systems and by this compensating their individual constraints. By the integration of complementary and redundant information much superior results compared to stand alone approaches are achieved.

The ITE has expertise in various data fusion approaches like the traditional concept of combining short-term accurate dynamic inertial-sensors with long-term accurate satellite positioning in a Kalman filter. According to the individual applications the ITE uses further integration concepts for the usage of additional sensor information provided for example by radar, barometer and laser.


Current research and industry cooperation cover the development of individual navigation systems and subsystem based on different constraints and availability of sensors and their accuracy.

The ITE offers:

  • Implementation of data fusion concepts
  • Implementation of real time capable software
  • Consulting of hardware system integration

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